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  • Save nurses time
  • Produce space saving, environmentally-friendly devices.


Many relatives bring flowers to patients while they’re in hospital. Each ward generally keeps a store of glass vases, usually kept in the pan room.

When the patient is discharged nurses have to clean and dry the vases and put them back onto storage shelves.


Using glass vases:

  • Wastes nursing time spent cleaning vases
  • Increases the risk of glass shattering if the vase was dropped
  • Requires storage space, where space is sparse in the hospital environment.


HospiVase is a water-tight, paper vase, flat-packed to take-up very little storage space.

The HospiVase is disposable, meaning patients can take their flowers home with the vase, resulting in less mess during the ride home. The biodegradable paper vases are environmentally-friendly, eliminate the need for cleaning and reduce the risk of shattering, therefore saving nurses valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.