Labour Ball

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For women labouring with Epidural pain relief.

How it works

  • Widening the pelvic outlet supports the natural progression of labour.
  • The peanut ball opens pelvic outlet which is beneficial to maintain strong contractions and decrease fetal malposition.
  • Using the peanut ball program ensures position change with optimal pelvic outlet position every 30 – 60 min

Research has shown that using the peanut ball and peanut ball program Reduces:

  • First stage of labour by 29 min
  • Second Stage of labour by 11 min
  • Significantly reduced number of labour’s resulting in a caesarean section
  • Peanut ball group 10% Control group 21% (p=0.04)

Sizing is important

  • 70 cm ball for sitting only
  • 60 cm ball for tall or plus size women
  • 50 cm ball for average size women
  • 40 cm ball for petite or women with short legs

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